Francesco Zamburlini

Francesco Zamburlini, still growing World Citizen.

“Rucksack on the shoulders” and “as a local person” are his main leitmotivs.
Since when he was a kid he has travelled all over Italy and Europe with his parents, in the itinerant way. Later he is always looking for new places to see and discover.
In life he is a informatics engineer, volleyball coach and coordinator, new technologies lover and always drawn to new challenges.
Photographer for passion. He rolls around the world absorbing the art of whoever he meets. He savors traditions, colors, passions and flavors of more than 30 countries.


Foto Profilo SteStefano Tagliabue, apprentice traveler.

Italian roots well set in Como, but international interests towards the 5 Continents and 7 Seas.
He starts to “travel big” only after his university graduation, putting into good use years of savings and having also the opportunity to travel the world for work. After 5 years as a planner in a big international clothing company, he decides to completely embrace his company mottos: “Never Stop Exploring” and “Ready for your every Journey”.
Management engineer, volleyball coach, medieval flag waver and with a few experiences as a trip coordinator with Avventure nel Mondo under his belt.
As an amateur video maker, he tries to marry entertainment, people and landscapes in a playlist you can find in his YouTube page “Il Viaggio in Cortometraggio”.