Through China from north to south, touching most of the main cities in one of the biggest Country of the World

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China Itinerary – What to see in 1 month

Day Date Place/Activity Stay Notes

Tiananmen Square, Street Food Quarter

Beijing Click here for article about Beijing
1 29/10/16
Beijing: Simatai Great Wall
2 30/10/16 Beijing (nerdpalace, University of Beijing, Summer Palace) Beijing Click here for article about Chinese Reconstruction
3 31/10/16 Beijing (Temple of Heaven, Temple of Lama) Beijing
4 01/11/16 Beijing (Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park) Beijing
5 02/11/16 Beijing (modern quarter) Beijing
6 03/11/16 From Beijing to Shanghai (train) Pudong Shanghai Click here for article about Shanghai
7 04/11/16

Shanghai: Yuyuan Gardens, old city, Bund

From Shanghai to Hangzhou (car)

8 05/11/16 Hangzhou (West Lake, Pagoda, markets), volleyball match during the evening, from Hangzhou to Shanghai Shanghai
9 06/11/16 Chinese wedding, historical quarter
Shanghai Click here for article about Chinese wedding
10 07/11/16 Shanghai Center Shanghai
11 08/11/16 Shanghai: Fake Market, French Concession, Pudong Shanghai
12 09/11/16 Suzhou: Tiger Hill, old town) Shanghai
13 10/11/16 From Shanghai to Zhangjiajie (plane)
Wulingyuantuniu Click here for article about Zhangjiajie
14 11/11/16 Zhangjiajie National Park Inside park
15 12/11/16 Zhangjiajie National Park Inside Park
16 13/11/16 Tianmen Mountain, from Zhangjiajie to Xian
Xian Click here for article about Xian
17 14/11/16 Xian (Ming walls, Wild Goose Pagoda) Xian
18 15/11/16 Xian (Terracotta Army) Xian
19 16/11/16 Xian: Drum Tower, Bell Tower.

From Xian to Lijiang (plane), departure 18.45, arrival 21.20

Lijiang Click here for article about Yunnan
20 17/11/16 Lijiang (Baisha, Yuhu Village, Lijiang by night) Lijiang
21 18/11/16 Lijiang (Black Dragon Pool, Old Town, night with show of Kung Fu/Disco) Lijiang
22 19/11/16 From Lijiang to Dali (train, departure 9.20, arrival 11.30); Dali Old Town, Catholic Church, Three Pagodas Dali
23 20/11/16 From Dali to Kunming (train, departure 10.20, arrival 17.23). Night Market (clubs), square with dancers Kunming
24 21/11/16 From Kunming to Guilin (plane; departure 7.50, Arrival 9:10). Sun & Moon Pagoda, South Gate Guilin Click here for article about Guilin
25 22/11/16 Guilin: Long Hair Village, Longji Rice Terrace Guilin
26 23/11/16 Guilin: Bamboo Boat Tour, Yangshuo Guilin
27 24/11/16 From Guilin to Hong Kong (planer; departure 16.40, arrival 18.05) Hong Kong


Great Wall

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou

Zhangjiajie National Park and Tianmen Mountain

Xi’An and Terracotta Army

Yunnan: Lijiang, Dali and Kunming

Guilin, Longji Rice Terrace, Bamboo Boat

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