What to say in a job interview after 1 year of globe trotting

It’s been longer than 200 days since the day we left home behind to go on our World Tour, but the question remains the same: “What will you do when you are back? What about work?”

So, as a only a true Management engineer, I thought throughly about everything I am going to say in a job interview once I’ll be back after one year of travelling:

  • Strategic planning: The trip was though as a one year long itinerary, but lived day by day. I decided how to move, what to seem which were the needed time to do all the 60.000km I have done, planning everything one year in advance, or one month, or one week, or the morning to the afternoon.
  • Info gathering: to be able to take the right decisions I had to search for information wherever I could: on the internet, I asked friends, acquaintances, travel agencies, people I met on the way, even passers-by. I managed to get all the info I deeded to optimize at best the little time I had at disposal in every single place, to do everything I planned to do and see all there was to see.
Thailandia: in partenza da Phi Phi Island

Thailand: leaving Phi Phi Island

  • Communication: i passed through more than 20 countries, with more than 20 cultures, popolations and very different languages. I learnt how to understand and make myself understood whenever I needed it.
  • Meeting deadlines: to keep moving I had to catch dozens of flights, trains, buses which, obviously wouldn’t have waited for me. But for a handful of exceptions, I was always where I needed to be when I needed to, I was never late, especially at very important times like major transfers.
  • Flexibility: in unknown lands, where I couldn’t be sure of anything, unexpectedoccurrencies are daily. In only a little time, with only a bit of money, without knowing what the consequences would be, we took very important decisions in, sometimes within minutes since having to face the problem, so I can attest that my problem solving skills have greatly improved.
Banana Boat sul Delta del Mekong

Banana Boat on the Mekong river

  • Budgeting: before I left I estimated a budget for the entire travel, on the basis of our privious travel experiences, on the information we had, on the cost of life of every single country, and what we found on the internet. The budget was then continuously monitored and we chose our activities, way of moving from one place to the other and on our daily life not to exceed the budget. I also tried to find all the possible ways to save money or not to spend any.
  • Marketing: through social medias we have more than 10.000 followers who follow us every single day on our adventures. We have to catch the public attention by finding new and original ideas every single day, trying not to be obvious and to surprise as much as we can.

Every day is a new challenge, in real life and not sitting in front of a computer screen; a few feet away from the person I’m talking to, not at the distance of a mail; I never had a comfort zone to lean on and now I want to put all my life experience which I have made in the passion for the new job I will get!

Below, 100 days of travelling, from day n.1 to 200!!!

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  • Ciao viaggiatori del mondo vi auguro un buon proseguimento sempre pieno di belle emozioni..complimenti per l’articolo siete bravissimi…un artivederci

  • Convincente.

  • Direi che… io ti assumerei immediatamente 😉 un post fonte d’ispirazione… sogno di poter fare anch’io questa incredibile esperienza di vita, inizierò presto a pianificarla in modo da renderla realtà! Si inizia da questo, giusto?
    Vi seguo !! 🔝

    • Stefano Tagliabue
      2 years ago

      Ciao Giulia!
      L’inizio inizio… è appunto sognarla! Poi un po’ alla volta si inizia a decidere il “quando” cercando di rispettarlo (non c’è mai un momento giusto), poi si pensa al “dove” (itinerario, banalmente stagioni per sfruttare a pieno le estati) ed infine al “come” (aereo, treno, auto, bici etc etc)!

      Una delle cose che più ci ha stupito in questi mesi di viaggio, è indubbiamente la quantità di viaggiatori che ci sono in giro per il mondo.. ognuno con il suo stile, ognuno con la sua storia!

  • Você é incrível
    Estamos de portas abertas para quando precisar
    Sucesso muito sucesso. ..

  • Em mangue seco conte conosco

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