2 weeks in the Philippines, from Manila to the Palawan and the Cebu islands.

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Experiences/activities: our Top 5

1) Admiring the wonders of the arcipelago around El Nido
2) Swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob
3) Quietly basking in the beauty of the underground river and its cave in Puerto Princesa
4) Walking for a few kilometers of the 14 total kilometers of the Long Beach shoreline
5) Seeing the happiness in the kids’ eyes of the school we visited

If we could change something:

– Manila is a useful stop to move to the other islands (or to visit the North of Luzon, even if we personally didn’t do it). It was good for us as we were hosted for free, otherwise we wouldn’t suggest you to stop for longer than one day at the most.

– Our staying in Cebu was shortened because they moved our flight. So we didn’t get to go to Moalboal and Bohol, which had been highly recommended to us.

– After Oslob, we went directly to Siquijor, to come back again to Cebu on the next day, only spending one night there. The coming back trip has been forever long, so we would suggest to stay there for at least 2 nights.

– Puerto Princesa doesn’t have much to offer, if not the tour to the underground tunnel and the islands tour. The first is a must, but the islands we have been told are not as beautiful as the El Nido ones. So you could easily stop for just one day to see the river.

Actual itinerary of the Philippines – What to see in 2 weeks


Day Date Place/Activity Accommodation Note
0 06/01/17 Bangkok => Manila (plane, Philippines Airlines, Departure 6.50pm – Landing 11.10pm) Manila
Click here for the article about Manila
1 07/01/17
Manila: Late start and transferral to Quezon City where we have been hosted
Manila/Quezon City – Couchsurfing
2 08/01/17 Manila: St. Augustin Church, Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, Manila Bay, Rizal Park Manila/Quezon City – Couchsurfing
3 09/01/17 Manila: Quezon City Manila/Quezon City – Couchsurfing
4 10/01/17 Manila => Puerto Princesa (plane, Cebu Airlines, departure 11.50am, arrival 1.10pm). Visit of Puerto Princesa Puerto Princesa Click here for the article about the Palawan island
5 11/01/17 Puerto Princesa Puerto Princesa
6 12/01/17 Underground River Tour; then directly to Puerto Princesa => El Nido (minivan, Caramih, departure 2.00pm, arrival 6.45pm) El Nido
7 13/01/17 El Nido: Tour A El Nido
8 14/01/17 El Nido: Nacpan Beach, Calitang Beach El Nido
9 15/01/17 El Nido: Tour C El Nido
10 16/01/17 El Nido => San Vicente (bus, departure 11.00am, arrival 1.30pm at the junction, 2.30pm in San Vicente by Tricycle) Long Beach Turublien Inn
11 17/01/17 San Vicente Town; Long Beach Long Beach Turublien Inn
12 18/01/17 Long Beach Long Beach Turublien Inn
13 19/01/17 Visita at the school, San Vicente => Puerto Princesa (minivan, 12.00 – 4.00pm) Puerto Princesa – Cebu (plane, Cebu Pacific, departure 6.05pm arrival 7.20pm) Cebu – Couchsurfing Click here for the article about the Ceby island
14 20/01/17 Cebu => Oslob (jeepney and bus, departure 1.00pm, arrival 6.30pm) Oslob
16 21/01/17 Oslob swimming with the whale sharks. Oslob => Siquijor (mototricyclo, ship, jeepney, ship; departure 7.30am, arrival 12.00). Tour of the island by bike Siquijor/San Juan
17 22/01/17 Siquijor => Cebu (ship, bus, departure 10.00am, arrival 9.00pm) Cebu – Couchsurfing
18 23/01/17 Cebu – Singapore (plane, Air Asia Zest, departure 4.55pm, arrival 8.30pm) Singapore




Palawan Island

Cebu and Oslob islands

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