Not to be a tourist forever!

This is the reason why we travel like this.

All'ingresso Swaziland Swaziland entrance

To travel does not only mean to go far away from home, step on new lands, see new places. Travelling with a capital “T” means leaving your home behind to learn new habits, meet new people,  discover the most spectacular places, chat with locals.

In Swaziland people go to bed very early at night and get up at dawn every morning: the day is set by the sunlight, when the dark falls you go to sleep. In Colombia the most common breakfast dish is the “caldo”, a broth/soup usually seasoned with potatoes and parsley, but each family prepares it according to its own tradition. Above the Polar Circle seeing the Northern Lights is daily routine, people know that if the sky is clear, during Winter months, the lights will appear 9 times out of 10.

Don’t be a tourist, step off the beaten track, personally touch what each community has developed and made its tradition in history. Without continuously checking the time and without the frenzy of an organized tour trip. Take time to chat with people met during the tour, wait for the storm to pass in order to admire the view afterwards. Share and listen to habits and traditions.

We would like to spread a different culture of travel, as done before in our recent experiences in Colombia, Costa Rica etc..  The main concept is to learn and live as the locals, trying to integrate ourselves as much as possible in the country we are in and not just to “peep into” it as outsiders.

Egitto-Piramidi di Giza Egypt-Pyramids of Giza