French Polynesia

5 days in Polynesia, a layover while crossing the Pacific ocean! A quick stop on the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.

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Experiences/activities: our Top 5

1) Kayaking to the Reef
2) Snorkeling in the middle of the great barrier
3) Relaxing on the beach!
4) Having our breaths taken away at the view of the “overwater” bungalow
5) Hitch hiking all over the islands

If we could change something:

– The islands are much bigger than we thought, without a mean of transport, either a car or a bike, the only hope is to hitch hike
– We booked an accommodation far off from the coast and the free beaches… mistake!
– Generally, everything is quite pricey… too much to be able to travel following the real backpacker spitit

Real itinerary of French Polynesia – What to see in 5 days

Day Date Place/Activity Accommodation Notes
0 09/03/17 Auckland => Tahiti (plane, Air Tahiti, departure 5.10pm landing 11.10pm on the previous day) Tahiti
Click here for the artible about Tahiti/Moorea
1 10/03/17

Groceries shopping at Carrefour, nerding

Tahiti No rest for the weary…
2 11/03/17 Papeete Center, Beach PK18 Tahiti
3 12/03/17 Tahiti => Moorea (ferry, departure 12.45, arrival 1.30pm). Plage de Temae Moorea, Couchsurfing
4 13/03/17 Tip Beach Moorea, Couchsurfing
5 14/03/17 Sofitel beach; Moorea => Tahiti (ferry, 4.40pm)
6 15/03/17 Tahiti => Easter Island (plane, Latam, departure 2.30am arrival 1.00pm) Easter Island

French Polynesia

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