Russia: Saint Petersburg – Useful information and sightseeing

We wish to remind you that all the information are based on our personal experiences durind the World Tour 2016/2017, therefore they could not be up to date and some opinions are subjective.

Informazioni generali

  • General information:
    • How to obtain the Russian visa: because of the limited time at our disposal and having to get the visas for Mongolia and China as well, we asked a specialized agency to deal with our Russian ones,
    • 1 Euro = 70 Rubles. The exchange is extremely favourable at the moment.
    • The climate varies on the basis of the time of the year you are in; Therefore it is better to check the weather forecast before starting your trip. Generally it is very windy. At the beginning of October it was cold already, with temperatures between 5 and 10 Celsius degrees, and with only a sunny day out of 4.


  • How to get from the airport to the city centre: there is a bus right at the exit of the airport that will take you to a suburban metro stop. The price of the ticket is 90 Rubles (a tad more than 1 Euro).
  • There are 6 metro lines that work until 1 am and a thick buses network. There are cabs as well but we never took one. otte e una fitta rete di bus. The metro ticket is 35 Rubles for each route, about 50 Euro cents.
  • You can get a “Hop On – Hop Off” bus with 800 Rubles for a day or with 1000 Rubles for 2 days (respectively a little more than 11 and 13 Euros). The spaces between one point of interest and the other are nothing major, but it is still a nice way to get around if you do not feel like walking miles and miles a day.

Restaurants and night life

In the whole city you can find many restaurants and pubs, many of which are open 24/7. Many of them are located on the Nevskij Prospekt street, main artery of the city, that links the central station to the Hermitage.

Our itinerary summed up:

D Day Activity Visit Duration Rate Time to get there from the city centre How to get there
0 05/10/16 Check in at the hotel and walk around the centre
1 06/10/16 Hermitage 4,5h (di cui 1,5h in coda) 8 5 min On foot
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, outside visit 30m 7 10 min On foot
Kunstkamera and nearby island 1h 7 15 min On foot
Church of the Saviour on Blood, outside visit 30m 8 5 min On foot
2 07/10/16 Summer Garden 30m 6,5 10 min On foot
Park of the Eternal Flame 20m 6 10 min On foot
Saints Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral 1h 7 25 min On foot
New Holland 30m 5 20 min On foot
Kazan Cathedral 30m 7,5 30 min On foot
3 08/10/16 Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, internal visit 30m 7,5 10 min On foot
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, visit of the terrace 30m 7 10 min On foot
Peterhof 2h 8 1h 20 min Metro 1 to Prospekt Veteranov, bus 343 (ask the driver)
4 09/10/16 Church of the Saviour on Blood, outside and internal visit 1h 30m 7,5 5 min On foot
Boat Trip on the Neva river 1h 30m 6 5 min On foot

Our opinion in a nutshell:

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city to see. It is a tangible proof of the richness and splendour ot the Russian court through the centuries. The elegant and majestic palaces are splendid to see and admire, both from the outside and the inside. Absolutely not to miss the Hermitage and the Church of the Saviour on Blood. Truly beautiful, and totally worth the half day long trip needed to get there, is the Peterhof. The other attractions are quite nice as well, but nothing too different to what we are used to in Italy.

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Mappa San Pietroburgo

Places we have seen in Saint Petersburg, in green the ones not to miss, in red the one you can skip, in orange the “only if you have time” ones, in grey our accommodations.

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