2 days in Uruguay, the first one in Montevideo, the capital and the secon in Colonia do Sacramento. Small town at the same level with Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Experiences/activities: our Top 3

1) Seeing Buenos Aires profile from the top of the lighthouse in Colonia do Sacramento
2) Walking in the alleys of Colonia
3) Stopping to eat at the Mercado del Puerto a Montevideo

If we could change something:

– Our staying in Uruguay has been very short, but to tell the truth we didn’t find Montevideo and Colonia worth of too many days of visiting. It is enough to stop on the beaches of Punta del Este or at Punta del Diablo.
– Probably it would have been nice to see also the inside of Palacio Salvo, but we only climbed the tower to see the view.

Actual ininerary in Uruguay

Day Date Place/Activity Accommodation Note
0 09/05/17 Porto Alegre => Montevideo (bus, TTL, departure 8.00pm, arrival 8.00am). Visit of Montevideo Montevideo
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1 10/05/17
Montevideo => Colonia (bus, Turil, departure 10.00pm, arrival 12.40). Visit of the historic centre of Colonia
Colonia do Sacramento
2 11/05/17 Colonia => Buenos Aires (ferry, SeaCat, departure 9.30am, arrival 10.45am) Salta (ARG)


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Montevideo, Colonia

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